Hallertauer Aroma

Hallertauer Aroma Hops hit the open pollination jack pot in New Zealand. The HortResearch Hop Breeding Programme was responsible for the introduction through Hort's Riwaka Research Centre. Released in 1988, this triploid aroma variety was a cross between Hallertau Mittlefruh (2/3 open pollination) by 1/3 New Zealand male strain.

Although it is dubbed as an aroma hops, Hallertaur Aroma crosses the line its usage capabilities in beer. It has a moderate 7.0%-9.0% alpha acid rating which sets it up as a mult-purpose hops, and comes with a clean and smooth bitterness that is said to uphold itself well on the shelf. It carries less of the spiciness that can be found in Hallertau Mittlefruh, and introduces a zingy floral character with hints of citrus. Hallertauer Aroma is appropriate for beginning to end additions from the mash to the dry hop. The myrcene oil contents are high. The most notable is the farnesene oil content at 5.0%-6.7%. This combination, no doubt, has favorable contributions to this aroma delight.

Aside from the excellent brewing qualities, Hallertauer Aroma Hops brings to the table great agricultural characteristics as well. This variety has high yields in the early season, and resistance to disease and fungus. Hallertauer Aroma Hops also has superior storage capabilities, making it a desirable crop.

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